Setting up new roaming agreements and expanding the roaming coverage to new partners consists of several steps which need to be performed successfully by several teams within the operator organization. One of the most time-consuming activities is the TADIG testing phase which validates the test cases (IR.24, IR.25, IR.32, IR.35 and IR.38) and ensures that the call events are correctly captured in the test TAP files in addition to the duration, charge and currency. This sensitive task, when done manually, represents a high risk of human error and omission which results in a significant roaming revenue loss.

RoamSmart’s TADIG module is an innovative application which automates the process of TADIG validation through comprehensive check of TAP file content based on the received test sheet and the latest IOT document of the roaming partner.

TADGIG main features :

  • Upload of received test sheet from roaming partner (IR.24, IR.25, IR.32, IR.35 and IR.38)
  • Automatic parsing of the test sheet
  • Upload of received test TAP files from DCH
  • Extracting of standard IOT tariffs from latest IOT documents
  • Possibility to enter discounted IOT tariffs
  • Automatic validation of TAP content against test sheet inputs
  • Detailed reporting on TADIG test result
  • Configurable acceptable deviations
  • Automated Creation of TCC document

TADIG module is built on RoamSmart’s modular Unified Roaming Platform which offers full flexibility and adaptation to customer specific requirements for reporting and integration to external systems.