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The commercial roaming and technical IREG teams are receiving a significant amount of IR.21/IR.85 updates on daily basis with different formats (xml, pdf or word). They need to detect the changes in the new document, inform the involved department (support or troubleshooting) for implementation on network side and follow-up on the completion of this configuration.

Quite often, this configuration can be implemented only partially or completely forgotten due to human error or more urgent projects and troubleshooting activities. The result of this omission is a restricted/denied solution accessibility for inbound and outbound roamers, which leads to a poor quality perception and a major loss of revenues. By the time operator gets complaints and investigates the problem, the revenue and image impact can be quite significant.

RoamSmart’s Roaming Database Audit (RDBA) is an automated web application which helps identify the potential misconfiguration cases in a pro-active approach and fix them leading to an improved quality of solution and additional roaming revenues.

Roaming Database Audit

main features :

  • Dashboard for easy follow-up on coverage status and latest audits.
  • Automatic upload of IR.21/IR.85 updates from GSMA Infocenter Inbox.
  • Version Control and Parsing of RAEX compliant IR.21/IR.85.
  • Manual conversion of non-RAEX documents (in pdf, word or excel format) to be done by RoamSmart Managed solutions team and full content to be available within 48 hours from document availability. RDBA makes all your partners RAEX compliant and creates xml IR.21 for those who send other formats.
  • Build and maintain an updated reference Database.
  • Upload of Core Node Database tables.
  • Automatic Audit and detection of configuration gaps.
  • Comprehensive reporting and alarming for better visibility.

Roaming Database Audit (RDBA)

is built on RoamSmart’s modular Unified Roaming Platform which offers full flexibility and adaptation to customer specific requirements for reporting and integration to external systems.

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