Slide IREG360°

The commercial roaming and technical IREG teams are receiving a significant amount of


/R.85 updates on daily basis with different formats (xml, pdf, word). They need to keep track of this information in a structured way and accessible through a user-friendly interface. Moreover, they need to detect the changes in the new document, inform the involved department for implementation on network side and follow-up on the completion of this configuration. This activity requires several resources if done manually and keeps a high risk of human error with negative revenue impact.

RoamSmart’s IREG360° is an automated web application which helps managing the full process around IR.21/IR.85 handling (


and Non-RAEX) and building a centralized and comprehensive database with the updated data of all roaming partners, in addition to automated change detection and notification.


360° main features :

  • Dashboard for easy follow-up on coverage status and document availability.
  • Automatic upload of IR.21/IR.85 updates from GSMA Infocenter Inbox.
  • Version Control and Parsing of RAEX compliant IR.21/IR.85.
  • Manual conversion of non-RAEX documents (in pdf, word or excel format) to be done by RoamSmart Managed solutions team and full content to be available within 48 hours from document availability. IREG360° makes all your partners RAEX compliant and creates xml IR.21 for those who send other formats.
  • Changes detection and classification based on sub-section and target groups.
  • Automatic notification to target departments/teams.
  • Follow-up and completion workflow.
  • Comprehensive reporting for better visibility.

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