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Al-Jazeera Report about Roam Smart

This was a year ago … Al Jazeera English is talking about Roamsmart’s business story , redrawing our business path as a leading provider of innovative #Roaming Management and #Big_Data Solutions to mobile operators We never dreamed of success we worked for it , know more about Roamsmart’s backstory in this reportage
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RAEX IR.21 Management System

RoamSmart has been offering RAEX Management tools, managed by highly dedicated IREG teams specialized in handling RAEX and non-RAEX IR.21/IR.85 documents on daily basis. This sensitive information has to be updated and organized in a way that is extractable from different formats (xml, pdf, word). Using an automated RAEX IR.21 Management system has several advantages
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Roaming Audit

The process of Roaming audit aims to identify the potential misconfiguration cases and review the roaming configuration in a pro-active approach leading to a network quality improvement and a revenue increase. The roaming audit engine is established to detect the changes, report to the involved departments and compleate successfully the roaming footprint for implementation on
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Roaming Management System

Roaming Management System helps take care of data and simplifies collaboration among roaming partners and their network accurately and with ease. Precisely, it offers the right tools and data to make the roaming process faster. The operators on the other hand need to maintain a significant amount of data (Documents, SIM Cards) and manage a