With the aim to optimize their roaming revenues and margins, operators are currently signing more and more discount agreements and contracts. This process requires a significant amount of resources and manual work in order to negotiate, draft, approve and implement the deals. Human errors or missing some steps can lead to conflicts and issues with roaming partners causing a significant roaming revenue loss.

RoamSmart’s DEALS module is an innovative online web application which helps automating the contract management activity related to Discount Agreements and centralizing the deals data with comprehensive reporting and notification.


main features :

  • Centralized database of discount deals.
  • Flexible process/workflow engine for setting up new discount agreements.
  • Automatic creation of contract according to customer template.
  • Automatic creation of cancellation letters.
  • Electronic signature integration (DocuSign).
  • Interface to third party (DCH/TAP implementation).
  • Visibility on the tariffs being implemented on TAP Level.
  • Visibility/alerts on the expiry date of the discount agreements.

DEALS module

is built on RoamSmart’s modular Unified Roaming Platform which offers full flexibility and adaptation to customer specific requirements for reporting and integration to external systems.

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