RoamSmart is a leading provider of innovative Roaming and Big Data Solutions to mobile operators.
We support Telcos in the digital transformation of their roaming and wholesale business.

Our management team consists of roaming experts who spent 10+ years working in the roaming area from both operator and supplier perspectives and have used their experience and knowledge to come up with high value services addressing the specific roaming needs.

We help optimize workflows and monetize the existing roaming data from several sources.

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Operational efficiency of the rollout activity

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Process automation in the RAEX Management (IR.21/IR.85, IOT and Opdata)

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Roaming revenueassurance through Core Network Database Audit

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Negotiation competitive edge with Inbound Roaming Market Share

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Business Intelligence for accurate business tracking and reporting

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Deep Insight on the business : Traffic, Revenues, market share and steering performance

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Fraud detection and near-real time alarming


Our mission is to support Mobile Operators in times of low growth and profits with intelligent software needed to optimize margins within their existing business.


Our vision is to build a comprehensive and robust Big Data platform which centralizes all data from different sources and provides the flexibility to the user to manage different activities starting from Wholesale Roaming, Retail Roaming and extending to Interconnect Business and Local Traffic.

Our big data based Unified Roaming Platform helps operators in managing their roaming business from different angles:

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